Professional Development for Educators

Professional Development for Educators

Using labor market information to understand workforce trends can be an important part of helping students achieve employment success. Educators can help students become aware of high-value career destinations when they can confidently navigate labor market data themselves.

Pathway2Careers provides training in the application of labor market data in education practices, focusing on regional skill demands and high-value career pathways. Professional development courses are included for those requesting custom solutions.

Courses included with custom reporting:

Introduction to Labor Market Exploration for Educators

This introductory course looks at how labor market information can be used to connect with the future of work and reveal critical directions for policy and practice that supports employment success for students.

Exploring High-Value Careers with Students

In this course, educators learn methods for identifying and connecting students with local high-value careers. Career exploration tools are introduced that can be used alongside labor market information to inform and prepare students for career opportunities in their communities.

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